UV Stabilized PPR-C Top layer :

  1. UV Stabilizers contains various chemical properties, which gives the protection against UV light by various chemical mechanisms.
  2. Colors like Black, Green already have good resistance to UV rays, but addition of UV stabilizers further enhance the light and thermal stability of product.
  3. UV stabilizers impart long term durability and enhance life of the product.
  4. It helps to maintain the properties of polymers.

Anti-microbial PPR-C Inner Layer :

Anti-Microbial layer prevents the growth of bacteria/microbes/algae etc and preserves the pipes from them. This anti-Microbial additive is very low migrating which makes it last for the entire life of product. 

Black Colored PPR-C Middle layer :

Middle layer gives very good resistance to UV rays.


Properties :

  • Extremely long life, 50 years of service life
  • Taste and odour neutral
  • Good Chemical Resistance & Physically neutral
  • No need for insulation for concealed piping networks
  • Resistence to High Temperature (95 C)
  • Convenient & Reliable Installation
  • No Reaction with Salts & Acids
  • Leak Proof & Frost Proof
  • Unique and un-rivaled jointing technique with security for lifetime
  • Low Laying Time & Cost
  • Smooth Inner Surface
  • Recyclable – Prevents Environmental Hazards
  • Total Hygenic & Food Graded
  • Best pipes for Hot and Cold water supply

Fields of Application :

  • Hot and Cold water supplying pipes
  • Portable water pipe networks for cold and hot water installation i.e. in
  • Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Office And School Buildings, Ship Buildings etc.
  • R.O. Water, DM Water and Pharmaceutical plants for clean water
  • Transport of Liquid Food due to its Hygienic behaviour
  • Pipe networks for rainwater utilization systems.
  • Pipes for Agriculture use & Horticulture use.
  • Chilled water piping system
  • Cooling tower piping system
  • Piping Solution for ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

Product Specification :

Type Size
PN – 06 Pipes 200 MM To 400 MM
PN – 10 Pipes 40 MM To 315 MM
PN – 16 Pipes 20 MM to 315 MM
PN – 20 Pipes 20 MM to 315 MM