SHK ElectroFusion Fittings

SHK ElectroFusion Fittings :

This is an era of transforming our utilization by using the most efficient products. So, with an aim of providing more sustainability in the field of pipes and fittings which plays a very vital role in the quality & safety purpose, SHK POLYMER INDUSTRIES, a trustable brand and a leading Manufacturer of PPR-C Pipes & Fittings and HDPE Pipes & Fittings, are here to provide you the best manufactured pipes using the Raw Material procured from the most reliable sources in the world.

SHK Polymers Industries is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company having an experience of more than 40 years. SHK Polymers Industries are into the manufacturing of HDPE Pipes & Fittings which are quite in demand for Water Supply, Effluent Supply, Drainage applications, Chemicals Supply & Casing over Electrical Cables. SHK HDPE Pipes are according to the standards of IS 4984 sizing from 20 mm to 450 mm in all the grades and Pressure Ratings mentioned in Indian Standards.

SHK Polymers Industries are into the Manufacturing of SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion Fittings which are designed to provide high efficiency during the Welding Process, Maximum Joint Integrity, a very Easy Installation Process and a Service Life of more than 25 years after Installation.


  1. Drinking Water
  2. Waste Water
  3. Gas line
  4. Power Line
  5. Renewable Energy
  6. Chemical Supply
  7. Agricultural Water Usage
  8. Marine Based Applications
  9. Jal Jeevan Mission Schemes
  10. JJM UP
  11. JJM MP

Advantages of SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion Fittings :

  1. Less Man Power Required for Jointing
  2. Very Quick Installation
  3. Light in Weight
  4. Accurate Joints
  5. No Joint Contamination Problem
  6. No Leakage Chances

Types of SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion Fittings :

  1. SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion ELBOW
  2. SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion TEE
  3. SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion COUPLER
  4. SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion SADDLE
  5. SHK EF HDPE Electrofusion REDUCER
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